Riley & Rambo (2023)
by Danny Hardaker & Karol Wyszynski
Riley & Rambo is a story of a boy and his horse that offers insight into the Rag n’ Bone world of Holme Wood Bradford. With a backdrop of deprivation we discover the resourcefulness and happiness that’s found in an older and genuine way of life; where freedom can be found. 
Best Short Doc: Andaras Travelling Film Festival - Best Story: Lancaster International Film Festival
Winner Best Documentary- The White Rose International Film Festival
Cabaret Saltaire: Making my Mother Laugh (2021)
by Danny Hardaker & Sally Molineaux

Let Squinty McGinty and Billy Button take you back in time to a world largely forgotten. Grab a pint of mild from the bar, buy a ticket for the meat raffle and get ready to be transported back to a 1970's working men's club extravaganza. Welcome to Squinty McGinty's Saltaire Cabaret!

Cabaret Saltaire

Quarry Hill flats The Lost Community (2011)
by Dominic McGuire & Danny Hardaker
A short documentary investigating the social housing estate that was the Quarry Hill Flats in Leeds, UK. The documentary combines both expert opinion and interviews with former residents to create a factual look back in time with a feeling of nostalgia for a time gone, but not forgotten.
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